Rider Information

Event Categories

The Port to Port MTB features the following categories:

Open Male/Female: This category is open to anyone aged 15 to 39 as of the 24th May 2018.

Elite Male/Female: This category is open to professional and experienced mountain bike racers. The elite riders compete in the open category, but are given start line priority. If you are an elite rider wanting to compete, please email us porttoport@ironman.com

Masters Male/Female: This category is open to anyone aged 40 or over as of the 24th May 2018. Masters is broken down into Masters 1 (40-49), Masters 2 (50-59) and Masters 3 (60+).

* Please note that participants under the age of 18 are welcome to register and compete in the Port to Port MTB. The Minors Waiver is a compulsory part of registration and needs to be approved with parent/guardian signature. Minors are also required to ride in the event with an approved adult.

*Please Note: E-bikes are not permitted in the 2018 Port to Port event. 


2018 Rider Guide

This year you will receive your Rider Guide electronically, this contains important race information, we ask that all riders that the time to read this and contact us at porttoport@ironman.com if you have any questions. 

Click here to download your 2018 Rider guide.  



Rider Etiquette

With over 500 eager mountain bike riders participating in the Port to Port MTB, it is important that everyone follows the rules of the trail.


Code of Conduct

In order to enhance your safety, the safety of others and your fun during the Port to Port MTB we would like to promote and encourage all riders and supporters to adopt this code of conduct. 



The Port to Port MTB uses a number of roads (both bitumen and gravel) to link up the course. When riding on a road it is important to understand that while traffic management is in place, the road remains open to vehicles and normal road rules need to be obeyed.

It is recommended that all riders carry sufficient water and electrolytes to prevent dehydration, along with basic first aid equipment. Riders who have medical conditions (eg asthma) should carry their own medication for the duration of the event.

The Port to Port MTB doctors also recommend that all competitors have a current tetanus vaccination. If you are uncertain about your current vaccination status please contact your GP for assistance.