The Event

How do I get there?

FLY You can fly direct into Newcastle from Melbourne, Brisbane and Gold Coast.

OR DRIVE If you are in NSW - Newcastle is just a 2.5 hour drive from Sydney.

What is included in my entry fee?

Your registration gets you your entry to ride in all 4 days of the event, includes fees for all National Parks and Forests, Timing Chips and Race Plates, Water at each Start/Finish line and on course, Recovery drink at finish lines, an awesome rider gift and the amazing experience that is Port to Port.

Where can I stay?

There are so many options in this beautiful region, here are a few we recommend.

We recommend basing yourself in the world-class Hunter Valley for two nights before moving on to enjoy beach vibes and good times in Newcastle for 2-3 nights.

Check out the many options at Visit Newcastle's website.

Or see our Accommodation page to help you with everything Port to Port. 

How can I volunteer and help out with the event?

Check out our contact us page here you can register with your details and availability and we will get back to you!

What is the approximate temperature we will be riding in?

The weather in the area ranges daily, but for the past few years the temperature has consistently been between 18°C and 22°C.

I am interested in sponsoring the event. How do I go about doing this?

A number of sponsorship opportunities exist for organisations keen to become involved with the Port to Port. Please contact us with your sponsorship enquiries by contacting or

What road closures will be in place?

Port to Port has very minimal road closures. The 2020 Road Closure Schedule will be available under the Travel section of the website closer to the event.


I don't have a support crew.... Can I still race?

We prefer you bring a crew so we can all hang out, however if you can't the Port to Port family can look after you. Westpac Volunteers can arrange a bag drop for you for a gold coin donation at the Start Line for each day and there will be shuttles to take you to the start line on stage 4.

Which bike do I bring?

It would have to be one of the most commonly asked questions we receive in the lead up to the event, what bike should I bring? For some people they only have one bike to choose from but for others they have the luxury of choosing between multiple different machines. The simplest question to ask when contemplating what bike to bring is how well you want to go in the race.

Q. Do you want to excel in your category?
A. Bring the lightest bike that you have. A hardtail is perfectly fine and so is a lightweight XC Dually.

Q. Do you want to have a bit of fun but also be fast?
A. Bring a bike that has 110 or 120mm of travel up front and 100 or 110mm of travel in the rear. A lot of our singletrails suit this style of bike.

Q. Just in it for fun?
A. Bring whatever bike you would like!

Q. What wheel size?
A. A touchy subject but for this style of event a 29er is the ideal weapon of choice no matter what suspension style!

Keep in mind pedal assist or E-bikes are not permitted at Port to Port.

How many litres of water would you recommend we carry?

There will be water stations at the halfway point but do not rely on them. Riders will need a 2 or 3L hydration pack for water. We also suggest riders carry a bottle of electrolytes.

Depending on your speed you will be riding for 3-5 hours each day. It is each rider’s responsibility to carry enough water and nutrition.


I entered as a Solo but now I want to race with my mate. How can we do this?

Just email our friendly team  and we can sort it for you. Make sure you cc you new team mate and have a team name picked out! 

I entered the 2-day ride, but I am fitter than I thought, Can I upgrade to the 4-day ride? 

Of course! Just email our friendly team and we'll get back to you with some instructions to get you locked in!

How does the self-seeding work?

At Port to Port our aim is for all riders to get the most out of their ride experience, with the best possible time and maximum enjoyment.

Stage one will see riders self seed and the subsequent days your start wave will be dictated by your finish time on stage one. The Race Management do keep an area at the front of the grid for elite riders and top end riders, however, all riders start as a single group for stage 1.

For subsequent stages each wave start will give pairs riders preference over solo riders.

I registered but now I cannot race. What do I do?

For information on the Port to Port withdrawal and refund policy, please read the Rider Terms and Conditions.

Can I start the race with my friends, when we are in different categories (eg masters 1 and masters 2)?

Yes! You can definitely start with your friends. Port to Port is fun for all! The exception -  The first day is self seeded, the following days are based on your ride time, however if you want to hang back with your mates - go for it!

The Race

What services are at the Start/Finish Line?

Each Start and Finish line will have everything you need including Registration, Information, First Aid, Bike Mechanics, Massage, Recovery, Food and beverages for purchase, and Stage 4 will be the full finish line festivities.

Can riders of all levels participate?

Port to Port welcomes riders of all abilities. Our motto is ‘it’s a ride, not a race’. While there are elite riders participating each year, inexperienced entrants who are new to the sport of mountain biking also enter.

Are there age restrictions on the event?

Riders must be 15 years or older on the day of the event. Riders under the age of 18 must submit a minor registration waiver form with their application and must be accompanied on the ride by a nominated adult.

Riders under the age of 18 must not ride more than 2 minutes apart from their nominated adult at all times.

Support crew under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a legal guardian.

What is the approximate distance of each day?

Check out the course info page.

Is the ride timed?

Yes, the ride is timed. Rider times will be made available upon completion of each stage each stage onsite, on the website and live on the Port to Port Mobile App. Please be patient with our timers and do not approach them at the finish line until everyone has completed the day’s stage. Read more info about Timing here.

I am disabled. May I participate?

All reasonable efforts will be made to facilitate the access and inclusion of any persons with disabilities. Please contact us directly if you have related enquiries either by phone on 1300 761 384 or by email