Event Update

13 May 2022

Well, this is the news we really didn’t want to have to share, but unfortunately current weather conditions on top of those that have impacted the region over the past few months, means that Port to Port 2022 cannot take place.

As you know our team have been working tirelessly on the ground, making an endless number of adjustments to ensure the event can go ahead and we can deliver the best and safest possible rider experience. We’ve explored every contingency option and tried every trail, but unfortunately significant sections of all stages and venues are too wet for riders and are unsafe to pas s through. You’ll appreciate as riders that we also do not want to further damage the amazing trails that make up our stages.

It’s not the outcome any of us were hoping for in our return for 2022, as our end goal is always to put on four epic days of safe and enjoyable riding. Unfortunately, with what the weather gods have thrown at us, we can’t make it work this year and we have not managed to find a viable date in 2022 that we can move the event to.

All currently registered riders will receive an email with their options.

We know you’ll be gutted. You’ve put in the hours on the trails, sacrificed time with family and friends, waited three whole years to be back and we were tantalizingly close to being able to get the good times rolling again. All we can say is that we feel your pain, and we’re already counting down the days until we can reunite again next May. In the meantime, make the most of your ability to hit the trails where you can, and continue to love the sport of mountain biking.

We’d like to thank all our stakeholders – our partners, private landowners, council, local MTB parks and clubs, forestry and crew who also worked tirelessly to get the event happening and continue to support this awesome event.

We love our good times rolling community and look forward to hitting the trails with you all on 25-28 May 2023.