Spectator Point 1 – Nelson Bay Marina

The View - Join us at the Port to Port MTB start line to enjoy the festivities and watch the entire Port to Port MTB field roll out to the backdrop of the marina.  You can then take a stroll east along the waterfront to Fly Point Park and cheer the riders on as they power toward the finish.

When - Riders will begin the stage at 11:30am, and will return to finish between 12:45pm and 3:00pm.

Getting There - Nelson Bay Marina is located on Victoria Parade in Nelson Bay.

Spectator Point 2 - Three Bears Descent

The View - Here you will see riders tearing down a fast shale descent into a tricky sandy left hand corner and then accelerate away along a fire trail, right after they have conquered the three biggest climbs of the whole stage.

When - Riders will be passing this point between ~12:15pm and 1:00pm.

Getting There - Head out of Nelson Bay along Nelson Bay Rd and turn left into Gan Gan Rd.  After 1.9km you will see the entry to the Anna Bay Boreline on your left.  Park in a convenient location and walk in several hundred metres until you come across the course markings.



Spectator Point 1 – Maxwells Rd, Pokolbin

The View – After leaving the picturesque surrounds of Audrey Wilkinson Vineyard and plunging into natural bush and farmland for 2km your next chance to catch riders is as they descend a winding driveway and exit private property onto Maxwells Rd before turning right and starting the massive climb up Pokolbin Mountains Rd into the Pokolbin State Forest.

When – Riders will be passing this point between ~8.05am and 8.30am.

Getting There – Leave Audrey Wilkinson Vineyard on De Beyers Rd, turn right onto McDonalds Rd and head south for approx. 1km.  Take the right turn into Pokolbin Mountains Road and look for the Traffic Control – park safely and walk westward to the intersection with Maxwell Rd.  Watch from the corner or head further in to view the private property.

Spectator Point 2 – Cedar Creek

The View - Watch riders speed past at a rapid pace through the rolling green countryside of Cedar Creek - look for the massive smiles on their faces after having just tackled the ‘Rabbit Hole’ descent.

When – Riders will be passing this point between ~8:55am and 11:00am.

Getting There - From Cessnock area head southwest along Wollombi Rd and turn right into Cedar Creek Road to head north. Please drive carefully and keep left as riders will be heading southbound along Cedar Creek Road. Park at the intersection of Sawpit Road and Cedar Creek Road and cheer riders as they pedal past.

Spectator Point 3 – Mount View Descent

The View – Check out a magical view to the Hunter Valley below and watch riders speed tucking as they go past at a serious rate of knots!

When – Riders will be passing this point between ~9:45am and 12:30pm.

Getting There – From Cessnock head southwest along Wollombi Rd to Bellbird.  Turn right into Kendall St and continue into Bimbadeen Road until you hit the road closure. Park here and walk to the point where Bimbadeen Road hits Mount View Road, along which the riders will be descending.


Spectator Point 1 – Awaba MTB Park

The View – Watch the grinning faces of riders as they speed through the pristine twisting singletrack of the Awaba MTB Park, lovingly maintained by our friends at the Hunter Mountain Bike Association.

When – Riders will be in Awaba MTB Park from ~8:15am onwards. They will first enter the main carpark access road then tackle the newly built Development Trails before crossing the trailhead area and commencing their ~30 minute loop of the full trail network.  There will be plenty of places to view riders, however the best spot will be at the newly built tunnel under the Downhill track where you will get to see riders heading in both directions after tackling some freshly built flow trails. Riders will then return past the main trailhead area into more winding singletrack and exit at ‘Siberia’, turning right onto Mount Faulk Road to begin the lengthy climb to the top of the Watagans.

Getting There – From Cooranbong head northeast along Freemans Drive and turn left into Mount Faulk Road, following the signs to Awaba MTB Park. Be there before 8.00am and drive in the access road (Jenkins Rd) to the designated parking area, noting that you will not be able to leave here until all riders have entered and commenced their loop (approx. 9am).  Late arrivers will need to park on the verge along the left hand side of Mount Faulk Road just before it turns to gravel. You will see the trails inside the gate - explore on foot but please be mindful of the flora (ask a local about the ‘good spots’).

Spectator Point 2 – The Pines Camp Ground and Forest Park

The View –After a long climb up the gravel road to reach the top of the Watagans, riders will be needing some encouragement to pump them up as they once again start to enter some tasty singletrack.  A refill of water will be available along the entrance road to the Pines Camp Ground, where riders turn right onto the access trail through to the Pines Forest Park area.  Pushing a little further in riders will come to the Abbotts Falls Walking Trail where they will need to tackle the tricky steps and ruts of this well-used track.    

When – Riders will be passing this point between ~9:45am and 12:00pm.

Getting There – From Cooranbong Park head west and turn right into Martinsville Rd then continue for several kilometres until you see the wooden sign to the Pines Forest Park (left turn in 50m).  Turn left into Watagan Rd and follow this as it becomes Martinsville Hill Rd.  Veer right onto Watagan Forest Road and continue for ~2km, turning right at Palmers Rd (sign for Pines Forest Park).  Park safely so as not to impede any passing riders – look for course markings – backtrack west along the trail to the Water Point or head east to the Abbotts Fall Walking Trail.  Alternatively, heading further west along Watagan Forest Rd will bring you to the entrance road to the Pines Camp Ground (look for course markings) to access the water point from this direction.  These are dirt roads but a normal 2WD car will get you there.


Spectator Point 1 – Fernleigh Track – Whitebridge / Dudley

The View – Watch riders tackle some deliciously fresh trails in the Whitebridge / Dudley area. The twists and turns of these singletracks can be seen from the Fernleigh Track on both sides, or go exploring on foot, taking care not to damage the flora.

When – The first riders should pass at ~8:35am, with riders continuing to come past until ~10.00am.

Getting There – From Blacksmiths, head north along the Pacific Highway through Bennetts Green and turn right into Oakdale Road.  A left turn into Bulls Garden Road and right onto Dudley Road will take you through Whitebridge shops.  Take the next right into Station Street and park down the end where you will see foot access to the Fernleigh Track.  Walk in a southerly direction until you locate the course markings, keeping an eye out for other Track users.

Spectator Point 2 – Dudley Beach Carpark

The View – At the 23km point riders will take to the golden sands of one of the most spectacular beaches in Newcastle.  After catching a glimpse of the coastline north to Newcastle from Banksia Ave and a speedy descent along firetrail riders will tackle the rock platform and golden sands of Dudley Beach before exiting into the carpark and commencing their loop of Glenrock. Cheer them on and let them know of the fun to come.

When – The first riders should pass at ~8.50am, with riders continuing to come past until ~11.00am.

Getting There – From Blacksmiths, head north along the Pacific Highway through Bennetts Green and turn right into Oakdale Road.  A left turn into Bulls Garden Road and right onto Dudley Road will take you through Whitebridge shops.  Turn left into Burwood Rd, then right into Dudley Beach Road, following it all the way down to the carpark.


Spectator Point 3 – Seussland / Shaft

The View – See riders enjoying some of the last sections of tasty singletrack in the Port to Port MTB before they start their roll down into Newcastle for the finish. The last steep corners before riders pop out of Seussland near Scenic Drive are a favourite for spectators. Or wander down the Treatment Plant Access Road to the entrance to Shaft for some knarly rocky sections, tight corners and log jumps.

When – Riders will be passing from ~9.30am to 12.30pm.

Getting There – Park at the clearing on the corner of Scenic Drive and Yule Road in Merewether Heights. Safely cross Scenic Drive on foot and the trails are right in front of you!