Spectator Point 1 – Nelson Bay Marina

The View - Join us at the Port to Port MTB start line to enjoy the festivities and watch the entire Port to Port MTB field roll out to the backdrop of the marina.

When - Riders will begin the stage at 11:30am, and will return to finish between 12:45pm and 3:00pm.

Getting There - Nelson Bay Marina is located on Victoria Parade in Nelson Bay.

Spectator Point 2 - Three Bears Descent

The View - Here you will see riders tearing down a fast shale descent into a tricky right hand corner, right after they have conquered the three biggest climbs of the whole stage.

When - Riders will be passing this point between ~12:15pm and 1:00pm.

Getting There - Drive south along Nelson Bay Road. 200m prior to reaching the turnoff to Gan Gan Road you will see an offroad trail to your left running underneath powerlines. Park here and walk in 100m to the south under the powerlines until you see the course markings.


Spectator Point 1 – Cedar Creek

The View - Watch riders speed past at a rapid pace through the rolling green countryside of Cedar Creek.

When – Riders will be passing this point between ~9:55am and 11:00am.

Getting There - Drive north up Cedar Creek Road from Wollombi Road. Please drive carefully and keep left, as riders will be heading southbound along Cedar Creek Road. Park at the intersection of Sawpit Road and Cedar Creek Road and watch the riders pass along Cedar Creek Road.

Spectator Point 2 – Mount View Descent

The View – Check out a magical view to the Hunter Valley below and watch riders speed tucking as they go past at a serious rate of knots!

When – Riders will be passing this point between ~10:30am and 1:00pm.

Getting There – From Bellbird drive along Bimbadeen Road until you hit the road closure. Park here and walk to the point where Bimbadeen Road hits Mount View Road, along which the riders will be descending.


Spectator Point 1 – Awaba MTB Park

The View – See riders speed through the twisting singletrack of the Awaba MTB Park.

When – Riders will be in Awaba MTB Park from ~9:15am onwards. They will pass over the first section of trail and head out for a ~30 minute loop, then return a second time.

Getting There – Drive along Mount Faulk Road from Freemans Drive, following the signs to Awaba MTB Park. Park on the verge along the left hand side of the road just before it turns to gravel. Please do not enter the Awaba MTB Park carpark or block Mount Faulk Road, as this forms part of the course. You will see riders zig-zagging through the trails inside the gate, explore on foot (but please be mindful of the flora).


Spectator Point 1 – Wallarah

The View – Watch riders tackle the treacherous off road trails around Wallarah. Expect to see plenty of puffing and panting as they grind up the steep climb to exit onto Scenic Drive.

When – The first riders should pass at ~9:15am, with riders continuing to come past until 9:40am.

Getting There – From Park Avenue drive up Scenic Drive (locality of Pinny Beach). You will reach a gate past which Scenic Drive is decommissioned. Park here and walk a further 100m along Scenic Drive until you see where the course crosses to continue north. Taking care to stay out of the riders way, explore south into Wallarah.

Spectator Point 2 – Seussland

The View – See riders enjoy the last course of delicious singletrack in the Port to Port MTB before they roll down into Newcastle for the finish. The last two steep corners before riders pop out onto Scenic Drive are a favourite for spectators.

When – Riders will be passing from ~10:30am to 12:30pm.

Getting There – Park at the clearing on the corner of Scenic Drive and Yule Road in Merewether Heights. Cross Scenic Drive on foot and the trails are right in front of you!