Course Overview

Port to Port is 4 days full of good fun riding. Challenging climbs, thrilling descents and all the best single track we could find in the area, combined with some spectacular scenery.

2019 saw new improvements and we are pumped you loved them. Each year we bring new trails and tweaks to the course to make your ride even better than the year before.

This time we've had a bit more time between rides, so we're excited to come back with everything you love and more in 2022. Our awesome course team has been back out on the trails putting together new alignments to entice you back for more of what you love to ride. We've been waiting almost 3 whole years to get back to these trails, and we can't wait for you to see what we've got!

The riding is suitable for all rider levels as long as you have a decent level of fitness. There’s an awesome social atmosphere at the end of each stage and at the end of each day you get to kick back and enjoy the excellent food, local beers (or wine) and everything the regions have to offer.

Check out the courses below for what we had planned in 2020 to give you an idea of what will be in store for 2022. Similar stage venues will be used but course alignments are subject to change.

Full 2022 course info will be announced closer to the event.

2020 Map Overview

Subject to change.

Port to Port courses can only be ridden in their full format at event time. Local heroes open up their gates and allow access to their private land for the P2P riders as the event benefits the community in so many ways. Please respect private property and make sure we are able to continue accessing these tracks by not pre-riding the course.

See what we had planned in 2020 below for an idea of what the courses will be like in 2022. 

Full 2022 stage detail will be released a few months out from the event.

Stage 1 - Hunter Valley, Pokolbin

Distance:             55km
Total Climbing:  1500m
Start/Finish:      Spicers Guesthouse
Start Time:         8.00am


Tough and fun in equal amounts…

Stage 1 has a brand new start line. We promise it’s kept all of the challenge and fun you’ve come to expect in Port to Port’s seeding stage. Rolling out from Spicers Guesthouse in the heart of the Hunter Valley epic views are earned via grinding climbs and you'll love the brand new descent. Local vinos in the sun back at the Spicers Guesthouse finish line will reward your efforts.

Want more deets… well grab a brew and settle in…

It’s a mass start, but keep those race start endorphins in check as it’s a neutral rollout for all riders for the first 4-5km, allowing everyone to warm up their muscles legs and find their spot in the field for what lies ahead.

Enjoy the cruisy start and some idle chit chat as when we pull off McDonalds Road the real stuff starts with an epic climb straight up Pokolbin Mountains Road to “The Saddle”, where you can grab an awesome Insta pic of the incredible views back down across the Hunter Valley… if you have time to look back.

The climbing continues up Broken Back Road into the top of the Pokolbins. As the course crests the top we drop into the first single track of the event which will bring you to the “Wishing Well” a speedy and super fun descent, which runs in reverse direction to last year.

Enjoy the descent because the climb back out might have you wishing for an extra water bottle or energy gel! But the reward is more single trail.

Before long you’ll be descending Broken Back Road to the Hunter Valley via a mix of single track, forest roads and one epic drop into the Watagan Track, where you can expect to hit your maximum speed for the opening stage.

The extended descent will give your legs a chance to recover for the last effort toward the finish line with a couple of small climbs and back roads bringing you into Spicers where lunch awaits and an icy brew or a glass or two of the local drop of wine that the region is famous for.

Stage one is the seeding stage. While it has a few testing climbs it helps sort riders into start groups for the next three days. After you belt across the finish line with the adrenaline surge of beating the mate who pulled you along for the last 50kms, we’ll stick a coloured dot on your race plate. That’s your new start club for the next three days. You’ll be riding with others of roughly the same speed and ability. There is more info about seeding here (like what happens if my spot colour doesn’t match my jersey or my mates are in a different start wave).

Stage 1 is around 55km and over 1500m elevation.

Stage 2 - Killingworth, Holmesville

Distance:           49km
Total Climbing: 700m
Start / Finish:   Sugar Valley Golf Course
Start Time:        Wave starts from 8am


Your sugar rush…

Introduced in 2018, this stage is so much fun we kept it in. It’s an epic stage combining the historic trails of Killingworth with the new Homesville network of trails, all set against the backdrop of Mt Sugarloaf. This is a stage as good as anything you could wish to ride in ‘Straya’. This stage has earned the nickname “Sugar Rush” from the sweet single track that will leave you on a massive high as you reach Sugar Valley golf course finish line.
As the “newest” stage of Port to Port enters its third year it is fair to say that our course team only had to do a small amount of polishing to get it ready for this year.

The overall stage distance comes in at a bit under 49km with around 700m of climbing, most of which is sapped up by two big ascents within the first 11km. Thereafter it is single trail galore with the old school ruggedness of Killingworth blended into the tight and twisty trails throughout Homesville.

Think you know these trails? Think again! There have been a couple of fun changes made to the alignment in 2020 to keep riders guessing but they are sure to keep that smile on your dial.
When you make it back to Sugar Valley golf course for a tasty recovery burger and beer see if you can find words to describe the awesomeness of Stage 2. It will leave you wondering how on earth we can top it… but just wait until Stage 3…


Stage 3 - Martinsville, Awaba MTB Park

Distance:           51km
Total Climbing: 1400m
Start / Finish:   Martinsville
Start Time:        Wave starts from 8am


Long live the queen…

Holy switchbacks batman is that another new start line I see for Port to Port? Oh yes it is.

Stage 3 starts at Martinsville… and hold onto your handlebars because you are heading into the famed trails of Awaba. Can anyone give me a yewwww!

Awaba needs no introduction. Immaculately groomed single track sections to froth over. Stage 3, our Queen stage, is definitely a crowd pleaser. Our Queen Stage has had a makeover and we think she looks better than ever!

The alterations begin with the new start / finish line venue at Martinsville to the north-west of Cooranbong. Beginning with a short road rollout before entering a series of trails on the edge of Olney State Forest, these new trails include a short pinch climb that will break up the pack early before you head east toward the famed trails of Awaba.

The indoors team may have gone a bit overboard with the black markers and we’re pretty sure they tried to include every trail at this epic location. Be ready for over 15km of flowing single trail, a few pinch climbs and more chances to overtake than previously. We not sure, but you may just be fed up with single track by the end of it.

One thing that hasn’t changed is the climb that awaits the exit of Awaba as Mount Faulk again looms large. Buckle up and chew the bar for the next 5km up the biggest of all climbs at Port to Port. The good news is that once you conquer the massive climb a new gift awaits.

Where in previous events the stage continued across the top of the Watagans for dozens of kilometres, this year the team have managed to cram in a ripping new 8km descent that will bring you quickly back down to Martinsville and your waiting cold beer that will have you forgetting the earlier climb (sorry, what climb?).

Stage three hits the scales at about 51km with 1400m of climbing including that short, but exhilarating descent to the new finish line.


Stage 4 - Newcastle, Glenrock 

Distance:           40km
Total Climbing: 700m
Start:                 Belmont Golf Course, Belmont
Finish:                Dixon Park, Newcastle
Start Time:        Wave starts from 8am


Going Coastal...

Sore legs? We have the remedy… 40km of the best trails and completely breathtaking views (though you will need those breathes for the ride). An epic finish line awaits you today with your medal and a cold brew.

Fast flowing trails? Check. Incredible views along the Newcastle coastline? Check. Eat, Beats and Bikes festival in a park overlooking the beach at the finish line? Check.

This stage is always a favourite, not only because the end goal is in sight but also due to the incredible mix of fast flowing trails and incredible views along the Newcastle coastline.

Having taken a fair bit of tinkering and polishing over the past few years, our course team only had a few changes to make for this stage in 2020. If you have never ridden Stage 4 of Port to Port you are in for a treat and if you have - we can promise it is better than ever!

The stage again starts at Belmont before winding north along the coast up to the Fernleigh Track and into the myriad of trails at Redhead. Here the course goes into overdrive and riders experience tight and twisting single track mixed with little pinch climbs and challenging technical features.

The fun doesn’t stop as we hit even more single trail through Whitebridge including sections that drop in and out of the creek lines to the north of Oakdale Road. When riders exit from this section and head toward Dudley Beach the end is near but one last major climb awaits. We avoid the beach pedal by taking Gardeners Link Trail up to Glenrock, the serious ascent to Scout Camp Road cannot be dodged (Cassette ruining soft sand and salt or a bit of muscle burn? We asked your bike and it voted for the climb).

But once you clear that… as you chow down on the last of your energy gels (you know the peanut butter and lime ones) you’ll be treated to the unrivalled trail network of Glenrock Mtb park and some the best views in the whole region.

As you descend into the finish line at Dixon Park after around 40km and 700m elevation for this final stage you will smell the burgers cooking and the cold beer will be flowing to celebrate the completion of another awesome Port to Port event. Cheers!